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Digital marketing trends 2022

The trends for 2022 are many, but which ones does every self-respecting marketer really need to know? Definitely the following!

Meta came into our lives

Facebook changed its name with the logic of creating an umbrella brand for it, Instagram, Whats’ up and all the other apps it owns and/or will own!

A revamped colossus, with potential in all its areas, which should be studied, because the future is definitely here!

Α! And for those who think that Facebook is losing its momentum: Figures show that it still has over 3billion active users!

Influencers will remain in our lives

It looks like influencer marketing reached 13.8 billion by 2021. So we will definitely be occupied in 2022, maybe even more dynamically than before!

Let’s go check out possible partnerships?

Privacy, that scourge

Ads are being tested by strict privacy policies. A recent example is the new iOS rules that make the game much harder.

Patience, foresight and as much as possible, moves to minimize the damage.

Linkedin is on fire?

What do we have here? An outsider is dynamically entering the scene. Its world is growing, and it is constantly launching new features.

Should we pay more attention to it than we have until recently?

User experience is everything.

A happy customer is the best advertisement. Pay attention at all stages, from initial content to navigating the process of a purchase, because user experience remains the Alpha and Omega.

Algorithm, the master of the game

Everything we do in the digital world is driven by the algorithm. Facebook ads, google ads, seo, email marketing.

The algorithm is optimized for what else? The user experience!

So who is ultimately the master of the game?