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Why is homogeneity important in web design?

Homogeneity and coherence are two words intertwined with the rules of design. Just like in Web Design, the user experience depends on these two fundamental factors, which, in the end, will distinguish a positive “user experience” from a negative one.

A website is actually a source of information. The user should be able to easily find the information he is looking for and a well-structured website will make this process easier. Otherwise, the user experience will be poor, time consuming, and they may leave the site before receiving the information they were looking for.

Take a supermarket as an example. Organizing a supermarket is based on a set of rules that aim to make the customer experience easier. Nothing is accidental: the products are grouped by aisle and there is a logical order. So for example, next to the spaghetti you will find the sauces. Imagine an unorganized supermarket with random placement of products on the shelves where you should be looking and going back and forth in the aisles to collect the products you are looking for. Imagine how difficult it would be to get the information if each label with the prices and product names had a different color, font and size.

Respectively, in Web Design there are specific rules, which must be followed faithfully, so that the result is consistent and homogeneous, achieving the best user experience (user experience).

On what factors does the consistency of a website depend?

Web Elements

Web Elements are the elements that make up the structure of a website. A page consists of a header, main body, sidebar, navigation bar and footer. These elements form the backbone of the website and should be consistently located at the same point on each sub-page to ensure consistency.


The visual design of the website is equally important for the user experience. The user becomes familiar with the small details of the website such as the color of the links (links) or the font of the texts. Therefore, compliance with small details will not only contribute to a great design, but will also offer a more intimate experience to users.


The content of your website should follow the design. Users get used to the tone and content of your page. If the design of the site is fancy, your text and writing style should reflect on it. If the design is serious and strict, the content should be tailored accordingly.


Each user will choose to interact with your site differently. However, the way your site “responds” should be the same every time. For example, if you want external links to open in a new tab, you need to apply it to all external links. You also need to decide how you want your images to be magnified, whether it is on a new tab or a lightbox, and be consistent in all cases.

Why should the page maintain consistency?

The coherence of the website will help the visitor to get acquainted with it quickly and will make browsing easier. Just like with the example of the supermarket, the user will feel familiar and will know exactly where to find the information he is looking for. The more familiar a user is with the page, the more enjoyable and easy the browsing experience is and thus the chances of returning to it are much higher.

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