Η αγάπη. Η φροντίδα. Η επιστήμη.

Customer Presentation

The love, knowledge and care of Mr. Stefanos Ouzounoglou for the animals are gathered in a model veterinary clinic, which we had the pleasure to design at Brand level.

A space that will include primarily and with great respect all the services provided by a fully equipped veterinary clinic. There is also a specially designed area for dog grooming and cleaning services.

Services: Brand Consult & Design

Thematic analysis of the work – Brand Consult & Design

Initially, we were invited to design the logo and then, we undertook the design of other elements of the corporate identity.

The Project started by designing a cubic logo giving depth and “play” to each letter. We thus created “cubes” for the animals and the brand name. “Cube-boxes” that animals can sit on, pass through. To play or perch.

We went on to design all the printed equipment, uniforms, and fliers design with the 4 basic questions that every pet owner should ask himself.

The design of the outdoor signs, the proposals for the indoor vinyls and the neon for the grooming area are innovatively designed and convey the message clearly and pop at the same time.

It was a period of time, when we dedicated the maximum of our creativity to reach a different result. A result that will visually differentiate the brand, will highlight the values ​​of Mr. Ouzounoglou and the vision he has for his own unique space and his Brand.

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