Αρωγός όλων των συνανθρώπων

Customer presentation

Psychiatrika is a psychiatric center with absolute respect for human beings. It is a place where everyone can seek scientific advice and psychiatric support, become aware of their emotions and better organize their thoughts.

Dr. Kosmas Boutsikos, head of the center, has focused on creating a human-oriented psychiatric center. It stands as a helper to all fellow human beings who need mental support and is committed to providing services focused on the person, with respect for him, the soul and medicine.

Client: Psychiatrika
Services: Brand Consult & Design, Web development

Thematic analysis of the work – Brand Consult & Design, Web Development

Dr. Kosmas Boutsikos instructed our team to create a corporate identity for the psychiatric center as well as to create a website, which will present his work, the services he offers and will have the possibility of online bookings.

When we were invited to invent and design the corporate identity of the Psychiatrika psychiatric center, we wanted to capture as much as possible the warmth and professionalism that one should feel entering. This is how we designed the logo, the A4 envelope, and the business card.

Regarding the construction of the website, we delivered a digital environment perfectly adapted to the needs of 2020. We proceeded to the design and construction of the website, based on the simplicity and intimacy exuded by Dr. Butchikos. We wanted the site to be functional and easy to use, and according to that we created one with an online appointment system that facilitates Dr. Boutsiko to focus on his very important work.

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