40 Χρόνια Εκπαιδευτήρια Ε.Μαντουλίδη

Customer Presentation

Mandoulides Schools is a Greek school with a history of 42 years and international orientation, located in the historic city of Thessaloniki and focuses on preparing students to become dynamic and dedicated citizens, protagonists of today and tomorrow.

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Client: Μαντουλίδης
Services: Storytelling Videography

Thematic analysis of the work – Storytelling Videography

The video production of the campaign “40 Years of E. Mantoulidis Schools” was assigned to our company and is a result of high aesthetics. We rendered the high Values, the Vision and the solidity of the Schools through a central video of 11 minutes.

The project required high technical direction, video recording, production organization, editing, speakage, sound mastering. The video “40 Years of E. Mantoulidis Schools” completely achieved the purpose for which it was created, leaving the heads of the schools completely satisfied.

A video production of 10 minutes and a short cut of 3 minutes was delivered on time and successfully and was shown in the big school event for the 40th anniversary as well as on the communication channels.