KOTS Boutique

για γυναίκες που θέλουν να αναδείξουν την μοναδικότητα τους

Customer presentation

KOTS Boutique is a modern store of luxury women’s clothing and accessories. It is addressed to elegant women who feel unique and want to highlight it through their style.

It is the result of the studies and experience of Giota Kotsasarlidou, a woman who works in the field of fashion, having already worked in multinational clothing companies.

Client: KOTS Boutique
Services: Brand Consult & Design

Thematic analysis of the work – Brand Consult & Design

KOTS Boutique addressed our team to contribute to the re-invention of the visual identity of the company, in order to become more modern and to exude the refined aesthetics of the creator, the boutique and the products.

From the beginning, our goal was to show that KOTS Boutique is not just a clothing store, but a new, elegant space for fashion expression.

The new logo stands out due to the typography feature and is part of the wordmark logos, while the color palette we chose moves in earthy, pale shades giving elegance and timelessness.

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