Body in motion

Rehabilitation & Sports Training

Customer Presentation

This is the business of gymnast and physiotherapist Dimitris Dimas who represents the need for well-being, movement and exercise in our lives.

Client: Body in motion
Services: Brand consult & Design

Thematic analysis of the work – Brand Consult & Design

We were asked by Dimitris Dimas to design the corporate identity of his company. The central axis of the project was the new identity to communicate wellness, light, movement, color, vitality.

We have created a complete corporate identity in terms of printed and digital material. We started with the logo and along the way a visual line was built for all the equipment. T-shirts, Business cards, wall vinyls etc. A project for a man with strong will and stubbornness to deliver in the best possible way to his audience what governs his Brand: “Movement is life”.

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