Η αγέραστη πλάνη

Customer presentation

It is a raki from small vineyards. Raki has its roots in the word rax, an ancient Greek word that describes the grapevine. The “ageroplano” (means airplane) arose from the “ageless delusion” or otherwise the plane as the people of Asia Minor called it.

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Client: αγερόπλανο
Services: Logo Design, Packaging Design, Labeling Design

Thematic analysis of the work – Logo Design, Packaging Design, Labeling Design

To create a unique design character that will capture the uniqueness of the drink, through the logo, packaging and label.

The logo is a mixture of sans serif fonts that are intertwined with physical movement and not based on a grid. Like their companies and ideas.

As for the materials, carved sea wood stoppers, sea wood coat of arms and gold leaf were used. ‘Bottle printing and gold print on the mouth and base.