Ποιοτικό και νόστιμο φαγητό, αποστάγματα που ενθουσιάζουν τον ουρανίσκο

Customer presentation

A modern, cooperative cafe with quality and delicious food, spirits that excite and an environment that can flourish from discussions to artistic activities.

Client: Αυτουργός
Services: Brand consult & Design

Thematic analysis of the work – Brand Consult & Design

We were assigned to create the new brand from scratch. It had to be warm, authentic and express the fresh look of tradition.

The logo, business card, menu, outdoor sign, stickers and interior branding items were designed. The material we chose for the printed equipment is recyclable craft paper from 150 to 500 grams for the correct capture of the idea and the design.

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