Accomodation exelixis management

Customer Presentation

Accelixis is active in the field of hospitality and focuses on the provision of high quality management services. With an international understanding and complete knowledge of local data, it offers perfect solutions in the management of reservations, sales, online promotion and electronic sales channels of tourist accommodation.

Client: Accelixis
Services: Brand Consult & Design, Web Development

Thematic analysis of the work – Brand Consult & Design, Web Development

We were assigned to create the brand from the beginning, the name, the visual identity, etc. We were also assigned to create a functional website that will present the company’s services in an elegant and unique way.

Starting with the nomenclature and reaching the website, we walked a creative path to organize and design the new Accelixis brand. The logo, the printed corporate equipment were designed and a fully mobile versatile website was built. All the rules of branding regarding homogeneity, font pairing and imagery were observed.

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