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Packaging and labeling design

We must plan the course of the project carefully from the beginning, to avoid unnecessary expenses (eg for test labels). So, we have a quality product and we want to package it.

In order to be competitive on the shelves, which are full of branded products, we must give it a particular character. A character that stems from its taste, smell, texture and production history.

This story must be communicated through the so-called “packaging” and then the labeling design.

We also need to separate these two in our minds. The first step is done by selecting packaging. If, for example, we have wine and we want to package it, we will first look for bottle suppliers that we are interested in and that are within our budget. There, we will focus on designing the label based on dimensions, color and style.

Next, we move on to the pre-production process, which means designing the packaging from scratch and later designing the labeling. We apply it to the bottle and present it to the customer, in order for him to see what it looks like in a 3D realistic model, before proceeding with the production process.

In the last stage, we reach the production section, where a complete test sample is usually made, to see the final result. Then we move on to mass production. Mass production is a long process that has many details that must be foreseen by someone with experience in the field of packaging & labeling (packaging & labeling).

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