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Logo design and what is the difference with your brand as a whole

First of all, welcome to Vibrand’s blog. Here our team will develop ideas on issues that concern us, influence us and inspire us through society and everyday life. Issues that are not at all unrelated to the science of Branding.

Μy specialization is in Branding, so I have been studying everything about it since 2009. I examine my passion to present the products in a beautiful way to the society, services or personal image of the company’s customers. So, I see that the development in this field never stops all these years and I hope it does not stop in the future either.

In this blog I will try to develop my ideas about what is a logo and what is “Brand as a whole”.

Initially, your logo is not “Brand as a whole”.

A logo is considered to be the symbol that communicates through the color, the shape and the font (either individually or as a mixture of the above) the texture of your business.

A logo may seem like a simple design to some and indeed some low budget companies prefer it, but the right creation requires proper research. Through the search (with specific tools and methods) you begin to realize yourself the marketplace in which the product, service or even yourself operates. You observe the competition through a USP Analysis and you see the points that your Brand should emphasize through a SWOT Analysis. The key messages, the values, the vision and the purpose of its existence are set and finally they are imprinted on the screen and later on the paper (printed corporate equipment, packaging, labeling, etc.)

Your brand is the whole emotion you communicate to your audience.
Corporate equipment is the communication of your business through the contact with the customer. The logo is the symbol (Brandmark) that represents you.

The Brand guidelines book is included in the logo construction with the subsequent initial Branding stage. This helps you to keep your Brand “consistent” and not to deviate in color, schematically, branded elements are defined, in terms of fonts used in digital and physical form.

As you can see, the logo is the most important thing to start with, but not your brand as a whole.

To build a proper Brand as a whole, they work together: Brand Analysis (one already exists), USP Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Brand Guidelines Book, Web Developers (front & back), Content marketer, Graphic Designer, Copywriter (Slogan / Tagline & Key messages ). It is a long process that can take from a month to a year in some cases (maybe more). Its goal is the feeling that will communicate your Brand in digital and physical level to be your values, vision, purpose, advantage over the competition and we end up with the Brand plan that puts you in a specific position in the market (positioning ) through a process of months and maybe years.

In conclusion, the time (and budget) of a beautiful creative design logo is different and there is a different approach to building a Brand as a whole.

You will often read us through our blog, even in a more personal tone, since a key component of Vibrand is to represent the authentic character of its entire team.

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