Marketing101 - Hands on - Vibrand

Marketing101 – Hands on

A unique practical seminar will be held by Vibrand in the Tourism Hall of IEK ALFA Thessaloniki.

The title of the seminar with the “code title” Marketing101 basically means Marketing Basics and the hands on explains that we will talk more practically and less theoretically, trying to create interaction and conversation from the side of the audience to the presenters.

We will talk about Marketing as a field of work in 2022, the distinction between Branding and Advertising. The methodology of applying each and how they work together to achieve the goal of a comprehensive campaign.

The mention and distinction of the fields of Branding (personal, corporate, country) will be the entry essentially to the main part of the seminar.

The archetypes and examples of application, the Brand Creation Spectrum, uniqueness and positioning will be concepts that will definitely be of interest and will be explained with simple examples to the students so that they are understood and not foreign after the end of the introduction.

Finally, each team member, which is the main body of a 360 plan, will mention how they collaborate and interact from their position with the rest of the team members to achieve the result (goal). We will close with possible questions for us and answers from our side in the context of a discussion

Seminar title
Marketing101 – Hands on

Time: 13:00 – 15:00

Main presenter
Vlachos Dimitrios – Ceo, Managing Director of Vibrand

Assistant members – Vibrand team
Chatzinikolaou Vicky – Photographer Vibrand
Tsatssaura Georgia – Graphic Designer
Karagiannidis Panagiotis – Web developer
Taktikou Lena – 360 Marketing Vibrand